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10 March 2016 @ 06:08 pm

That's how long it's been since I updated LJ. That even tops my deviantArt page, which I neglected for over five years.

I have a lot of fangirling to catch up on.

06 August 2007 @ 06:31 am
I sort of volunteered to be tagged by badboy_fangirl, because I barely ever do this kind of memes and now that I've got some gorgeous new people on my flist, I thought it would be appropriate to post a bit about me, too.

1) I'm hopeless when it comes to going to bed early. I have such a bad habit of taking my own, private, creative alone-time at night that I often end up sleep deprived and groggy. However, I feel that I'm in a phase in my life where this kind of reckless behaviour is still allowed.

2) I graduated from lukio (Finnish equivalent for high school, pretty much) with grades that were among the top 3% in Finland. Needless to say, getting into university wasn't much of a problem after that. (This was the obligatory bragging part, glad it's over...)

3) I've been together with my fiancée Jaakko since the 5th of October 2001, which means we're looking at our 6 year anniversary this fall. We've lived under the same roof for three years now, and we've been engaged for two years. Some of you might be doing the math already, but I'm just gonna break it out to you - I had just turned 15 when we started dating. I still love him like crazy, he's my everything and I still admire him every day, miss him, want the best for him and think about him constantly. I'm fortunate enough to know he feels the same way about me, which is insane, because I don't think I deserve him.

4) I have a 35-year-old big brother and a 34-year-old big sister. They're both married with children. I'm, obviously, the youngest sibling.

5) I haven't written fanfiction in years, but I would love to get back to writing as a hobby again. I used to write all days long when I was younger, all the way through my teenage until sometime after I started dating Jaakko. I've received a bunch of diplomas for writing in the past, but that has been mostly from essays and columns - I don't know if I could write even half-decent fiction anymore. My self-confidence in writing seems to be completely lost.

6) My parents are divorced and I come from quite poor economical background. My dad's a complicated case - he drinks too much, curses like a pirate, has been known to get violent in the past and has ruined his economy for the rest of his life. So, I guess, he's one screwed up cupcake, but he's got that kind of a charming "Life gives me shit, I eat the shit" -attitude to him, which still earns him some respect in my book. That, and despite everything, he tries his best to be encouraging and supportive - who am I to really judge him. My mother lives next door from me and we get along really well. I want to live close to her, because she has a heart condition and a bunch of other problems, and I want to be able to help her as much as possible when it's necessary. I feel that now it's my turn to take care of her - and it's not just out of responsibility, but because I want to.

7) I'm a silly fangirl -person. I just have to always have something to fangirlishly obsess over, something to fuel my creativity, my imagination.

I can't believe I stayed up all night again. Now that I've been sick and slept all days, it's really mission impossible to try to sleep when normal people do... x)

Romeo is being so adorable. He's sleeping on my lap with all his paws up towards the ceiling, ears turned upside down - and he's snoring too, like only the cutest little puppy dog in the world can snore.
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03 August 2007 @ 02:51 am
My. Dear. God.

I just watched Blade Trinity, which sucked so bad as a movie. It was pretty visually and the action scenes were alright, but the plot - sorry, what plot? There was some sad, sad dialogue there, not to mention some good actors that were simply trying to save their reputations even though the script probably made it nigh impossible.

But geez, I didn't watch that movie for a good plot or for an overall great movie experience. I simply, fangirlishly watched it for Dominic Purcell.

Well, poor mr Purcell's role in this catastrophe-of-a-movie was Drake, formerly known as Dracula. Now, I don't think I need to point out to you guys how sexy vampires are - I mean, is there a living person on this planet who doesn't find vampires sexy? Anyone? I thought so.

So, all I was expecting the movie to offer me was my daily dosage of Purcell handsomeness and my god, I definitely got what I was gambling for. Dracula in leather pants, wearing a rather revealing shirt or no shirt at all, talking with a low, gruffy, incredibly tempting voice... please someone get my inhalator and some nitros to keep my heart going, because I think I might just overheat and explode here.

Much to my fiancee Jaakko's amusement, I took my temperature after watching the movie and it was up over 2 celsius degrees signaling that I have high-ish fever at the moment. I'm pretty sure it's because of this nasty cold I've got, but Jaakko seems to believe it's just simply because I watched Dominic Purcell looking so gawddamn hot that I practically drooled all over the pillow I had to keep chewing on to keep all the winces of "Oh my god, that man is so hot he's gonna kill me" from coming out of my mouth.

I still keep wondering whether I'll ever grow over this insane fangirlishness that I have in my personality - it would be slightly less embarrasing to be me if I did, but my life would be so much more boring, so I really don't know if I ever want to grow over it.
And at least I can keep it in bay when I want to, unlike some anonymous others!
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02 August 2007 @ 04:05 am
No, you Prison Breaky people, I'm not talking about THAT LJ. I'm actually really just talking about LiveJournal.

How the heck can any site be so difficult for me to figure out? :D It's not like I'm *that* stupid or somehow illiterate with computers. It's just getting silly... I use LJ so rarely, so that when I do, I'm always frowning of frustration trying to figure out how to do this and that. Luckily, I have some friends that can definitely be called LJ veterans, so there's always someone to run to.

I've been spending a lot of time reading PB fanfics and reviewing like a good reader. It's just amazing... if you want good fanfiction, you should definitely fall for PB. Believe me. There's just so much breathtakingly good fanfiction out there, it can make even me sit down, concentrate and just read. It's almost inspiring me to write, too. (God have mercy if that should happen...)

Did I already say that I'm head over heels in love with Prison Break?

Prison Break, anyone?

The only thing different this time when it comes to me fangirling, is that this time I actually went fangirlish at the same time with two IRL friends of mine. It's really silly. The other friend of mine has a summer job in her home town a few hundred kilometers away and we can't exactly fangirl all day long, we can't even really talk except through IMs - and lately, when we've been talking, the conversation has followed the lines:

Me: Hey! How are you doing, girl?
Her: Heya! I'm alright. I'm seeing Dominic Purcells everywhere. Even in people that don't look even distantly like him.
Me: !!
Her: Yeah, tell me about it...
Me: That's unfair, I keep trying to Dominic Purcells yet I'm not seeing them everywhere. Besides, shouldn't you be seeing Wentworths, or are have you finally realized the true nature of things and started turning to the Lincoln side of the Force?

I guess it's just a way of trying to divert ourselves from the boring everyday life... at least now we have something else to talk about than "I've been doing the laundry, going out with our dog, sorting our closets..." - "Yeah, I've been working on the graveyard, as you know. Such a great job..."

The other fangirl friend of mine has been practically living in our house for the past two weeks, because my fiancee has spent most of his time at work and I'd be home alone if she wasn't here. I started advertising fanfiction to her a few days back, trying to convince her that she really should try some PB fanfics, seeing that she was just as fangirlish as me, the only exception being that she didn't really know of any outlets for her obsession. ;) I think it was on monday when she finally sat on my comp and started reading some MiSa fics, and to be honest, she's sat there ever since. So, here we've been, sitting side by side on computers, silent, pretty much fully concentrated on reading fanfiction.

To be more specific about fanfics, I'm on a mission to R&R every fanfic by Foxriver Lady. I read a couple of her stories and that's all it took to get me hooked. That woman has a way with words, I tell you. (Check out her fics, if you know even something about PB - http://www.prisonbreakfic.net/viewuser.php?action=storiesby&uid=325 ) Hopefully the person in question doesn't mind me advertising her work here and think I'm some kind of a weirdo stalker, considering that I don't know the lady behind the nick at all. I'm just loving her fics.

So... life's been nice. We've spent it collectively in a pink fangirl haze and we'll try to stay that way as long as it lasts. Uni's gonna crash on us soon enough anyway.

PS. 3 days until I get my John Doe season 1. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. I should probably prepare myself by drinking a lot of water, so I won't drool myself into a state of complete dehydration during the first 20 seconds of the first episode. Yes, ladies, wet and nekkid Doms do that to you.
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30 July 2007 @ 02:47 am
I'm a terrible blogger, but we all knew that already. Just thought I'd drop in and say hi to everyone and let people know I'm still here.

Oh, and most importantly - goshdarngeez, darlings, I LOVE Prison Break.

10 June 2006 @ 06:33 pm
I finally got started with the meme!

Nines for Midnight Hawt the darling. x) I'd love to get this inked at some point but just a pencil sketch for now... (OMGSOWWYISUCK) <3
Whatever as long as Middeh likeys.

ADDED later: I guess I just felt too quilty for providing only a sketch, so here, I ended up coloring it too, trying something new again... x) http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y100/MidnightHawk1/Ninescolor.jpg

I'm still trying to find some technique with photoshop, something I could handle and something I'd be satisfied with... hopefully I'll stumble upong something like that at some point.