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Little slice of Anna's life

...or the no-life part of it.

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I'm a twenty-something university student from Northern Finland, majoring in English philology. I live with my fiancée Jaakko and our puppies, Romeo (dachshund) and Saga (skye terrier).

I'm one of those people who are exceptionally gifted in stuffing their schedule too full - on my 'spare time' I handle of some positions of trust around the university, spend time with Jaakko and the pups, do all kinds of silly stuff with my friends, watch tv/movies, play some computer games every now and then, draw, write and read - and fangirl (the subject varying every now and then).

I'm generally easy-going and open-minded; my best friends all come from different religions and social backgrounds, so don't be shy, I won't judge.

As for LJ - I'm a bad blogger, I update, read other people's journals and comment rarely. But I do check on you all every now and then!

You can usually find me around the internet by the names Cora, MissCora, NeitiCora or Coranna.